Rowenta Professional Ironing Board – Top 3 Features!

October 1, 2020 0 By jeffgoldblumiswa

The Rowenta Professional Ironing Board was created to be utilized by the pro’s. By pro’s I mean, someone who irons a great deal, perhaps even everyday. Because of the advanced technology and style incorporated into this particular board, it really is stable and durable enough to be utilized in a commercial environment.

Rowenta is among the world’s biggest makers of steam irons, it merely seems logical that they would contribute ironing boards to their product line. But not just your common iron board, the Rowenta Professional Ironing Board has 3 leading functions that you need to be aware of.

Feature #1 – Reinforced Stability!

With the Professional Ironing Board, Rowenta has brought the stability of the iron board a step further. They’ve reinforced the leg structure with one third supporting leg. This can give you the added stability to iron those large items that are very tough and be ready to help support the heavier items we at times need to iron.

The leg system is made in the form of a T. The foot are wider than the common iron board and are arched for a lot more stability. The ends on the foot are capped with non-slip grips so do not need to worry about it moving around.

Feature #2 – Ironing Surface Size!

Getting a sizable ironing surface is great for each ironing project. The ironing surface of the Rowenta Professional Ironing Board measures 18″ x 49″, and that is considerably larger than the average board. This is available in handy when ironing large things together with your everyday ironing.

Another size attribute may be the height adjustment. You are able to change up to 39″ which really helps keep your back straight rather than having to bend forward to iron. If you’re a tall girl, this is terrific for you.

Feature #3 – Iron Rest and Laundry Rack!
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You almost certainly never viewed as an iron rest when shopping for an ironing board. I’ve to admit, it is one of the favorite features of mine. Protective would be the quickest reason I like it. I do not have to worry about the iron getting knocked off the board like I did when it was standing upright. The iron in fact lays on the iron rest with a slight angle and that is also great for the wrist. It eliminates the constant up and down motion
of the wrist, what can result in the wrist of yours to ache.

By utilizing the iron rest, you have also freed up the biggest piece of ironing surface at the end of your metal board. This will give you far more ironing surface.

The Rowenta Professional Ironing Board additionally includes a laundry rack which is placed under the rii placed on the leg structure.