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August 30, 2019 0 By jeffgoldblumiswa

The psychics and tarot readers on this site are bound by ethics. It is not our responsibility to sugar coat your situation, but to gently reveal whatever comes out in your psychic tarot reading. Even though the truth might be difficult to hear, honest psychic tarot readers are ethically bound to deliver that truth so you can decide what you need to do. Don’t shoot the messenger, it is the universe that wants you to hear these truths.


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Whatever your reason for seeking out a psychic tarot reading by phone, Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are both honest, accurate, ethical, professional psychics and psychic tarot readers. They will give you the information as they receive it. Never sugar coated, but always the truth, because ultimately it is the truth that sets you free to live the life you were born to live. You can speak with Sarah or Sophia using either the Click4Advisor or Ether phone technologies. If you need to set up and account to speak with them, please select the respective buttons below which will take you directly to the Click4Advisor or Ether sites. None of your personal information will be revealed to either Lady Sarah or Sophia Elise and their information will be kept private as well. This ensure protection for both parties during your private, confidential psychic tarot reading by phone.